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DMC2019 Leads High-quality Development of the Era; A Grand Opening Will Be Held at National Exhibition and Convention Center in June!

2020/8/3 | views:

DMC2019 Leads High-quality Development of the Era; A Grand Opening Will Be Held at National Exhibition and Convention Center in June!


After 40 years of development of China's die and mould industry, China has become a big country of die and mould manufacturing and consumption. China's dies and moulds not only support the vigorous development of China's manufacturing industry, but also meet people's material needs for pursuit of a better life; not only contribute to China's manufacturing, but also integrate China into the international die and mould manufacturing system and make it stand in the center of the international die and mould stage. The "DMC 2019 Die and Mould China and 2019 Shanghai International Automotive Moulding and Forming Technology Expo", jointly sponsored by the China Die & Mould Industry Association and Shanghai International Exhibition Co., Ltd., will be held from June 11, 2019 to June 15, 2019 at Hall 2H/ 3H/ 4.1H of the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Hongqiao, Shanghai) .

In today's new wave of technological innovation represented by digital, networked and intelligent manufacturing, technical management and crossover technology, highly integrated industrial chain, service-oriented manufacturing, new energy and new materials, China's die and mould industry ushers in the era of high-quality development in the journey of constant progress and development. With "Focus·Lead·High-quality Development" as the theme, DMC2019 will build an environment for technology integration and collaborative innovation under the guidance of the market, make full effort to develop "lean manufacturing equipment and automation and intelligent manufacturing technology" and "integrated moulding and precision die and mould manufacturing", and create a large platform for centralized display and procurement.

In the same period, DMC 2019 will continue to launch the 2019 Shanghai International Automotive Moulding and Forming Technology Expo. It will open up new content for DMC Exhibition by making use of resources in the international automobile and auto parts industry accumulated for many years, build more exchange platforms, expand the forming equipment and technical content on the basis of the original plate of the automobile die and mould, and fully display the integrated manufacturing level of the automobile die and mould and automobile forming technology equipment in China.


Conglomerate industrial forces to maintain the authoritative position of leading the professional exhibition of precision manufacturing and die & mould technology

As an annual grand gathering of die and mould manufacturing and forming technology and equipment in China, the exhibition, fully promoted by international die and mould industry conferences and international trade exchanges, has received the attention and support of local governments and die and mould gathering areas in China. Local die and mould associations and domestic and foreign industry organizations are also actively involved. It is expected that nearly 30 exhibition groups from the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta, Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei and the central and western China will appear at the DMC 2019 Die and Mould China and lead the new development of die and mould intelligence and precision equipment!

DMC2019 takes full account of audience's needs and makes a more clear and rational planning and layout of the exhibits. Wherein, Hall 3H is for precision equipment, Hall 2H is for lathes, tools and dies and material forming, and Hall 4.1H is for dies and moulds and forming integration. There will be new exhibits based on higher-end precision processing equipment and technology and more advanced die and mould manufacturing technology: 3D additive manufacturing, laser equipment, robot automation integration and other new technologies to improve the quality and efficiency of die and mould manufacturing, especially for new formats such as intelligent die and mould design and cloud manufacturing ecosphere. In order to provide more diversified services, provide equipment support for enterprisessolutions to die and mould design and processing, and further promote the exchange and interaction between die and mould industry and related industries and equipment industry, procurement indexes of equipment and material suppliers are enhanced in exhibition journals.


China's excellent die and mould brands come on the stage to promote the upgrading of China's manufacturing

In 2018, an important year of "high quality development stage", China's die and mould consumption structure changed, and the quality of supply was improved obviously and increased steadily on the basis of the previous year. Driven by the global manufacturing market demand, Chinese die and mould enterprises showed the advantages of accelerating product optimization and upgrading, enhancing equipment capacity, improving industrial synergy capacity, accurately docking downstream industries and enhancing comprehensive international competitiveness. From Based on China Serve China to Based on the World Serve the World, China's dies and moulds have been integrated into the international market and into the high-quality and efficient global supply chain!

DMC2019 will attract delegations participating in the exhibition from nearly 30 provinces, cities and regions in China, such as Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Anhui, Hebei Botou, Hubei, Shenyang Dalian, Shandong Qingdao and Yantai, Sichuan, Chongqing, Hunan, Fujian Xiamen and Guangdong, including 200 die and mould manufacturing enterprises. Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Integration Synergy and Die & Mould Linkage of Bohai Rim Region, a number of national die and mould industry demonstration bases such as Ningbo Beilun and Suzhou Luzhi, world-class die and mould industry cluster areas such as Ningbo Ninghai and Taizhou Huangyan, and characteristic die and mould industry clusters such as Dongguan Chang'an and Dongguan Hengli will compete on the same stage. In addition, in order to promote the integration of agglomeration area development and industrial development in China, die and mould enterprises will be divided according to regions to facilitate the matching and coordination of equipment resources.

As the top event in the die and mould industry, DMC2019 exhibits cover the most comprehensive die and mould categories, including automobile panel dies and moulds, large stamping dies and moulds, precision stamping dies and moulds, small precision dies and moulds, precision progressive stamping dies and moulds, pressure casting dies and moulds, casting dies and moulds, radial tire dies and moulds, extruded dies and moulds for profiled bar, large aluminum alloy extrusion dies and moulds, plastic foam dies and moulds, vacuum plastic uptake dies and moulds and so on. There will be a large number of excellent domestic die and mould enterprises in the exhibition. Such an unprecedented situation will make the audience personally experience the cohesive force of Chinese die and mould industry in realizing a manufacturing power.

· Growing expansion of automobile die and mould plate

Stimulated by the development demand of China's automobile manufacturing industry, the die and mould industry gradually develops to the high-end market from the middle and low-end market in response to market demands. The die and mould dependence degree of automobile manufacturing exceeds 90%. China's automobile die and mould sector also develops rapidly. More than 95% of China's die and mould enterprises involve the automobile dies and moulds. DMC2019 expands the forming equipment and technology content on the basis of the original plate of automobile dies and moulds. Technical requirements for automobile lightweight and automobile parts optimization and manufacturing provide wider space for the new technology and application of dies and moulds. For this reason, we promote the 2019 Shanghai International Automotive Moulding and Forming Technology Expo, actively organize the all-in-one solution of die, inspection and clip, automotive body dies and moulds, stamping automatic lines, and rich exhibits such as forming technology and dies and moulds for lightweight materials, plastic dies and moulds and plastic machinery for automobile interior and exterior decoration, technical equipment for automobile parts manufacturing and forming, and automobile electronic dies and moulds and automation.

Industry giants will gather here, including a large number of key die and mould enterprises in China, such as FAW, Tianjin Motor Dies, SSDT, Baoding Seiko, Rayhoo, JAC, BASIS, Kaihua, Yesun, Waihong, Xiaoguang, Heli, Ninghai Yizhu, Saihao, Zhongtai, Yokogawa, Hongda, Rongteng, Lisheng, King Long and Chaori, which will fully demonstrate the highest level of China's automobile dies and moulds and forming technology equipment.

· Dies and moulds for household electrical appliances and consumer electronics support the intelligent consumption industry

In 2017, the overall scale of China's electronic information enterprises above designated size reached 18.5 trillion yuan, and the annual output of smart phones reached 1.4 billion. In 2018, the added value of electronic information manufacturers above designated size increased by 13.1% on year-on-year basis. In 2016 and 2017, China's high-tech and strategic emerging industries continued to maintain double-digit high-speed growth: growth of 47.1% for smart TV, 31.7% for smart phone and 21.5% for optical electronic devices. In the fields of electronic communication equipment and electronic equipment manufacturing, integrated circuit manufacturing, optoelectronic devices, vacuum device manufacturing, semiconductor separation equipment manufacturing, the output of computer and color TV steadily ranked first in the world. In the field of the new generation of information industry, while the industrial scale of network products and electric connector manufacturing was expanding rapidly, die and mould industry was supporting its innovation ability and structure optimization.

DMC2019 will continue to be led by the leading die and mould enterprise Qingdao Haier, focusing on dies and moulds for household electrical appliances, including Sichuan Changhong, Huangyan Kejia, Shanghai Cobi, Ningbo Cixi Xiangrong, Yuyao Yuantuo, Maodi, Ninghai Dapeng, Huangyan Meiduo, Xiamen Voke, Yaxin and so on; dies and moulds for electronic consumer goods, including the leading industry enterprises Jiangsu Rongteng, Wuxi Micro Research, Shenzhen Seaflyer, Xiamen Jiexin, Dongming Xingye and so on. It will show the latest forming technology and automation manufacturing scheme of die and mould new structure, die and mould manufacturing new technology and downstream parts forming, and also brings us competitive die and mould manufacturing examples of new consumer products under artificial intelligence.


High-end precision processing equipment all gathers, "intelligent manufacturing" characterizes DMC2019

The production mode of die and mould enterprises has changed greatly from centralization to decentralization, from customization to scale. Collaboration, precision and efficiency have become new trends of equipment demand guiding industrial upgrading and transformation. The development of die and mould industry will pay more attention to equipment solutions under efficiency and quality. With the higher technical requirement and increasing manpower cost, while continuing to purchase precision processing equipment, die and mould enterprises generally carry out the transformation of single machine connection and on-line measurement. Especially production line demand for providing complete solutions to die and mould processing scheme, efficiency promotion and quality control becomes a bright spot.

DMC2019 will bring together the world's most advanced five-axis lathes, high-speed processing center, gold cutting lathes, EDM lathes, automation systems, laser equipment, measuring instruments and 3D printing equipment. Knives, measuring instruments, fixtures and other high-precision products will show the advanced manufacturing level of today's precision processing industry, and bring the latest manufacturing equipment and processing solutions for die and mould enterprises.

· Hall 3H as an international precision processing exhibition area, featuring precision processing and manufacturing lathe brands in Europe, America and Japan such as Georg Fischer processing plan, DMG, Mitsubishi, Makino, Sodick and OPS, as well as top automation and measurement enterprises such as Fanuc, Erowa, Wenzel, Keyence, API, Edward, Creaform and so on, which fully display the development direction of intelligentization, precision and complete set. In addition, national enterprises such as Beijing Jingdiao, Han’s Laser, Shanghai TeLue and Jiangsu Skyray will also devote their efforts to the exhibition, bring lean manufacturing and automated intelligent manufacturing technology and complete processing system and solutions for die and mould industry. All this will vigorously promote the progress of die and mould processing technology, improve the quality and efficiency of die and mould industry, and promote the optimization and upgrading.

· Taiwan's delegations and technical software enterprises will appear in the exhibition. Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry and Zhanzhao International Enterprise Co., Ltd. will jointly organize Taiwan’s machine tool enterprises to exhibit in "Taiwan Image Hall" of 2H and 3H. The exhibition area is nearly 200 square meters, and nearly 20 exhibitors are involved. Yongzhun, Lichi, Qinghong and other well-known lathe brands will also come on stage. At the same time, Tebis, EMAN, Finder, Zhongtai, Aikun and other die and mould software enterprises will also strike a pose on the stage, and continue to provide new technical support for standardization, informatization, automation, precision and intelligentization of die and mould manufacturing.

· The major knife tool suppliers at home and abroad will come on the stage. The innovation in knife tool structure is an important link of improving the efficiency and quality of die and mould processing. This exhibition has attracted world-famous knife tool suppliers such as Japanese MST, UNIONTOOL, Korean YG-1, American Kennametal, Jergens and Korean JJTOOLS, which will display faster, more accurate and more efficient products on the site around quality improvement and efficiency improvement and bring overall solutions of tools, tool system and whole manufacturing process for die & mould industry.

· Big brands of the material plate will gather. Well-known brands at home and abroad will bring new materials and new technology to stir the whole exhibition. International brands such as ASSAB, Bole, Buderlus (Xinchang); Japanese old brands such as Hitachi Metals, Daido, Koshuha (McCarthy) and Sanalloy; Schmolz Bickenbach; Echmann; German Saar; German Dolorenberg (DOBE); Italian Verona; Swedish Scana (Anglia); German BGH; North American Finkle (Sanhexing) and domestic brands such as Shanghai Baosteel, Fushun Special Steel, Kunshan GP and Hubei Xinyegang Steel will together bring high-performance and cost-effective die and mould steel. In addition, aluminum, copper, cemented carbide, graphite materials and non-metal materials will also bring supporting solutions for die and mould production materials, and provide solid and strong support for upgrading of the die and mould industry.


Big names of the industry will gather to create an event of technical exchanges

DMC2019 Simultaneous Technology Summit: the Second Die & Mould Intelligent Design and Die & Mould Automation Manufacturing Application Demonstration Summit, the Second Summit Meeting on Improving the Quality and Efficiency and High-quality Development of Die & Mould Manufacturing Equipment, the Third Summit Forum on Application of Additive Manufacturing Technology and so on will discuss hot technologies of the industry, help the die and mould industry with technical equipment upgrade and accelerat product optimization. China's huge market demand and the cost-effective advantage of the international die and mould market in China result in active exchanges of the industry market. Market docking activities such as the International Summit on High-end Application of Automobile Die and Mould and Automobile Parts, the "Belt and Road" International Die & Mould Industrial Forum, OBP Special for Overseas Buyers Program/ Special for Global Manufacturing Industry 500 Top VVIP International Buyers and so on will also be carried out synchronously.

Focus on practice for more than 30 years, achieve the top authoritative professional exhibition in die and mould industry

DMC International Die & Mould China Exhibition has been developing with the progress of China's die and mould industry for more than 30 years. Focusing on practice and linked with conferenceŸexhibitionŸnetwork, it has achieved the international status of an authoritative professional comprehensive platform of precision processing and die and mould manufacturing forming integrated equipment, recognized by the world exhibition industry and industrial circles. Today, China’s die and mould industry supports the manufacturing development, meets people's changing life demand, also carries out the responsibilities of development from innovation to product forming and manufacturing as well as industrial mass production. The sponsor unit will continue to play a bridge role around the needs of the industry, provide a platform of high-quality and efficient technical and business exchanges for exhibitors and audiences, contribute to promoting the high-quality development of the industry, enhancing international competitiveness and promoting the prosperity of the industry, and present a wonderful high-end industry event of both advanced precision manufacturing and die and mould forming technology!


We are looking forward to meeting and communicating with you at the DMC2019  International Die & Mould China Exhibition and jointly creating a bright future for the die and mould and equipment industries.


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